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It's very much not the album I would be picking for this if I were to consider my vanity, but the songs which move me the most in the primal (as opposed to intellectual/emotional/aesthetic/etc) sense are from Metric's Fantasies

Some people have described Metric as dude indie rock (but Time maintains it's chick rock), and then there's also this:
I have guy friends who have straight up said women just don’t make as good music as dudes (except, for whatever reason, Emily Haines of Metric – which, on the one hand, Metric is great, on the other hand they also like her solo stuff which is… exactly like a zillion things they roll their eyes at me for liking, except slower).

So there's obviously some weird gender thing* going on with Metric's music, but I dunno what it is.

* * * * *

Went to the Stats department today. The Stats people are I guess in a sense my people. Of course the problem is I hate myself. (j/k, you losers).

*Arguably there's some weird gender thing going on with everything, but you see what I mean.
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